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      Product Name : CK-APP101 

      (High degree of polymerization Ⅱ ammonium polyphosphate, n>1000)

      Brief introduction: 

          CK-APP101 is a kind of highly polymerized crystalline polyphosphate Ⅱ APP, n>1000. It is inorganic macromolecular polymer. This product has high P and N contents, good heat and chemical stabilities. Close to neutral, small water-solubility and hygroscopicity, non-toxic, excellent cooperation with base materials and auxiliaries, non-volatile, no generation of corrosive gas, safe and reliable.

      Property index:

      Appearance: White liquidity powder

      P content: (%, W/W) 31-32

      N content: (%, W/W) 14-15

      pH: (25℃, 10% suspension) 5.5-7.5

      Moisture content: (%, W/W) ≤0.25

      Thermal decomposition temperature: ≥285℃

      Solubility: (25℃, g/100ml H2O) ≤0.5

      Average particle size: About 15μm

      Bulk density: (g/cm3) 0.7

      Viscosity: (25℃,10% suspension) MPa•S≤70

      Degree of polymerization: n≥1000

      Application range: 

          CK-APP101 is P-N structural thermostable halogen free expansion flame retardant. It is widely used in expansion fire retardant coating and high polymer material industry. It works as main fire retardant active constituent in rubber, fabric, engineering plastic, polyurethane, UPR, epoxy resin and many other base materials. It can successfully meet the halogen free flame retardant requirement.

      Packing: Kraft paper sacks lined with plastic bag, woven bags lined with plastic bag. Net weight 25kg.


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