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      CK-APP105 epoxy resin coated ammonium polyphosphate
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      Product Name: CK-APP105 epoxy resin coated ammonium polyphosphate 


      Brief introduction: 

      CK-APP105 epoxy resin coated ammonium polyphosphate is made by the epoxy resin surface modification of CK-APP101 silicane coated ammonium polyphosphate. Besides the functions of CK-APP101, it also has the following features:

      1. Reducing the solubility in water and hygroscopicity in the air

      2. Obviously reducing the viscosity in water

      3. Obviously improving the decentrality and compatibility with flame retardant basic material

      4. Further improving dielectric property

      5. Strengthening the anti- transferring ability of flame retardant products

      6. Increasing the liquidity of the powder

      Property index:

      Appearance: White liquidity powder

      P content: ( %, W/W) ≥29

      N content: ( %, W/W) ≥14

      pH: ( 25℃, 10% suspension) 5.5-7.5

      Moisture content: ( %, W/W) ≤0.15

      Thermal decomposition temperature: ≥285℃

      Solubility: (25℃, g/100ml H2O) ≤0.1

      Average particle size: About 15μm

      Bulk density: ( g/cm3) 0.7

      Viscosity: ( 25℃, 10% suspension) MPa•S≤30


      1. Intumescent flame retardant coating

      2. Fireproof building panel, coiled material, household electrical appliances shell

      3. Thermoplastic and thermosetting engineering plastic

      4. Fibre products

      5. Better effect used in polyester, polyurethane, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, phenolic resin, etc.

      As the flame retardant used in above basic material, CK-APP105 can well reach the standards of halogen-free flame retardant with extremely small mechanical property impact.


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