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      Puyang Chengke Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

      Tel:0393-8945566 Mobile::13323639909 Email:570160588@qq.com Contacts:Mr.Zhao Address:West Section of Shengli Road, Puyang City (in the courtyard of Konsel Company)

      Puyang Chengke Chemical Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is located in Hi-tech Development Zone of Puyang. It is a hi-tech enterprise of Henan Privince mainly engaged in the research and development of halogen free flame retardant, and the company has established well cooperation relationship with domestic many famous universities. The company has powerful technology and completed inspection facilities with regular management and reliable quality, and the company has passed the ISO2001 authentication.


      The high degree of polymerization melamine phosphate developed by abroad advanced technologies is outstanding product in flame retardant industry. The APP series product, MPP series product, MCA and polyolefin halogen free flame retardant developed by our company can meet the needs of home and abroad customers. The company decides to cooperate with home and abroad counterparts and customers to devote to the application and development of environmental halogen free flame retardant, and to make contribution to improve ecological environment.



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